Ta-Da Graduate Management Program

The program allows you to work with our company in various areas with remunerations and the performing Graduates/Under Graduates will be offered full time jobs within the company upon the end of your course. You can join once your final exams are over or when you are available on a full time basis.

There are other career options as well like in Technology, Marketing and you can choose those based on availability.

Those who are willing to learn, adapt and change in a fast moving environment.
Those who can can manage their time well ; between your Educational and Graduate Management Program commitments.
  1. Full-time Job- Performing candidates will be offered full-time jobs with a fixed salary plus
    performance-based incentives depending on the type of the role offered.
  2. You will be learning/earning different skills & experiences helping you to go forward in your life and career.
  3. We will provide you with an experience letter, certificates, and references.
  4. You will take part in our UK based Training & Development Framework to learn the required
    skills to perform well in the Graduate Management Program and onward.
  5. Remunerations- After the completion of the Training we will roll out a generous performance
    based income to those in the program. You will get this income for 12-15 months or till the end of the program, whichever happens first.
  6. Additional Bonus to Performing Graduates while in Program- We will allow you to manage
    other Graduates.

The program aims to develop our Future Leaders & Managers. A Leader & Manager must possess various skills & experiences in order to lead his/her team to the desired outcomes. In order to help you achieve these skills you will be working in various areas throughout the
Graduate Management Program as mentioned below.

  1. Marketing
       Direct Marketing [Not Sales] – Mandatory
       Digital Marketing- Mandatory
          Social Media Marketing
          Content Marketing
  2. Technology- Optional and you can enroll based on your skills and Interest
  3. Operations- Mandatory
  4. Training & Development- Optional based on your interest & skills
  5. Management/Team Leading-

If you cannot understand the needs of customers/people you will never be a Good Manager, Leader or Developer. This understanding of the customer/people is core to our company. This is also needed for the next areas like Digital Marketing, Operations & Customer Service. So its imperative that you work in this area.
In Marketing, You will be talking to customers [people] about our company in locations assigned to you and you will be asking customers to take specific steps on our website explaining them the benefits. This is Not Direct Sales.

  1. Those selected need to be committed till the end of the Program. Please don’t waste our time.
  2. Attend the Training & Development Program and complete it.
  3. You need to complete the tasks mentioned/Performance Parameters , responsibilities that we hand over to you in the required time.
  4. Your progress will be measured on a daily/weekly basis and only those who perform to expectation will be offered the Full time job.

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