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Payment Policy
All completed payments which are processed as per the payment gateway report will be transferred to the vendor account as per the payment processing cycle after the deduction of applicable commissions as per commission policy, marketing charges, payment gateway charges, any GST [not applicable if the vendor is outside GST limits], surcharges, Cess or any other applicable taxes. The vendor can see the details of the same in their financial dashboard and store dashboard. In case of any discrepancies, the vendor can always contact the Ta-Da support team. We will investigate the matter and will take action based on the evidence of the matter.
Commissions policy,
All transactions happening in the Ta-Da marketplace, whether they are paid online via payment gateway or via cash at the store are subject to this commission policy and appropriate commissions will be deducted from each of the transactions as per the commissions set for the product/services, category of product or for the store. The type of commission deducted at the moment will be based on the categories of the store and the commission structure for various categories are as follows.
For products or services that are 90 Rs or below, you can also avail a commission rate of 5%. Please contact our team using the support form to avail the same.
Resolution of Conflict or Errors,
In the event of any errors during the processing of payments, transactions or while making any payments to the store, the store can report such errors or discrepancies to the Ta-Da support team with all the details. We will analyze such issues/errors and will take appropriate actions.
Order Acceptance,
All orders and bookings that are made using the Ta-Da marketplace need to accepted by the store as per the timings booked by the customer. Failure in doing so might result in angry customers and they may leave negative reviews on the store page about the same resulting in driving away new and existing customers. To avoid such situations we request you to accept and start the services as per the booked time of the customer. If due to any reason, if you cannot attend the customer on time, please let the customer know 1-2 hours in advance by telephone or using the store support form available in your dashboard.
You can also reschedule the bookings directly from the store dashboard as per the convenience of the customer and your availability. If due to any unforeseen event if you are unable to serve the customer at the appointment time, do let the customer know as soon as you can and try to reschedule. If you cannot reschedule to a future date and customer needs a refund, you can issue a refund from the store dashboard of yours.
Cancellation & Refund,
Orders and bookings can be cancelled due to unforeseen situations from the side of customers or store. In such cases a full refund will be paid to the customer deducting any payment gateway charges? and Ta-Da will not be taking any commissions on the cancelled transactions.
COD policy
Customer have the option to pay cash for the services booked at the store. All orders past the appointment date will be considered complete automatically and appropriate commissions will be deducted for these orders. As the cash is paid directly to the store, the commissions for the CODS orders will be deducted from the online payments that needs to be processed to the store.
The booking fees that need to be collected for each order?
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