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Once your register for FREE, with your smartphone, control and run your everything about your business 

Your employees can access the calendar with their smartphone and you the business owner have full control of everything.


With your smartphone, control and run your  business 

With your smartphone, control and run your  business 

With your smartphone, control the pricing your  business 

Get assured monthly payments by Creating and Selling monthly/Quarterly/yearly subscriptions packages for any of your services
Offer Limited Access to your Ta-Da Business Dashboard to your employees/Stylists/Managers
Create Promotions with Coupons and display them on your Ta-Da Subscription/E Commerce store . We will promote the coupons to your customers as well.
Talk to your customers via our inbuilt support system in your Ta-Da Business Dashboard. 
Show your customer reviews on your Ta-Da Business website and respond to review from your  business Dashboard. 
Analyse your business with various service wise, day wise reports and charts
Build your customer/follower base with our Ta-Da Style social network with your Style Profile, Style Feed
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